Do you have a beautiful pool in your backyard? You already know the hassle of maintaining it. However, people often underestimate the importance of maintaining a pool or lack awareness regarding the same. Therefore, we bought a collection of four tips that can give you a lot of insights into the maintenance work of the pool. So, if you have missed anything in your pool care routine or want to add something new to your list, read on-

Maintain pool PH level

The PH level tells the acidity of the pool water. Seven is the neutral PH level; above this value is basic, and below it means acidic.

You can easily check the PH level of your swimming pool water. You can find some test strips in the market that indicate the PH level of the pool. The color on the PH test strip indicates whether the water is basic, acidic, or neutral. If the PH level goes high, it indicates algae formation in the pool or lime deposition. High PH can irritate your eyes and skin. Hence maintaining a correct PH level is important for your body.

Clean surrounding area

Keep the surrounding area of the pool clean. The idea is to restrict the entry of dust and debris into the pool. However, you can use this technique if your pool is located inside. A clean floor surrounding the pool can restrict the entry of dust, mud, and debris into the pool. For this purpose, you can use a commercial canister vacuum cleaner because it has a HEPA filtration system. This filtration system can even swipe up the dirt not visible with naked eyes.

Use pool vacuum cleaners

Manual cleaning may not yield the desired results. If your pool is small, you can manage manual cleaning on weekends, but you may need advanced technological equipment for deep cleaning. You can use cordless swimming pool cleaners for deep cleaning. The amazing benefit of using cordless swimming pool vacuum cleaners is the collection of large amounts of debris. It quickly collects large amounts of debris in one go so that you don’t have to spend much time cleaning the swimming pool floor. Similarly, you can use a robotic vacuum cleaner.

The fantastic cordless vacuum cleaner has various benefits. First of all, it is a cordless robot pool cleaner; it can get inside the pool to wipe away the dirt from the pool floor. It can not only capture large and small debris but also sand, silt, and dirt as well. It can filter 7,200 gallons per hour, thus helping you maintain the cleanest water possible.

Commercial pool cleaning

The size of the pool at home is different from the one present in the commercial space, like hotels, water parks, and other business spaces. Cleaning such pools requires more manual labor, time, and money. However, if you have a cordless commercial pool vacuum cleaner, you can save labor, money, and time. The features of commercial pool vacuum cleaners are designed especially for this purpose. For instance, Commercial pool vacuum cleaners have soft bristle brushes to clean the pool floor. It has an Xtreme multi-layered filter bag, a sand and silt filter bag, and an all-purpose filter bag to collect all types of debris. This pool vacuum cleaner also offers a run time of up to an hour.

Key Takeaway

Besides the points mentioned above, there are so many things to keep in mind for maintaining a swimming pool. For example, you have to consider where the pool is located, the formation of dead algae in the water, etc. As stated above, you have to take care of the PH level of the pool, dirt accumulation on the pool floor, and more such things.

Cleaning of commercial pools differs from cleaning of home pools. Hence, the type of vacuum cleaners also varies according to the requirement. In fact, there are different vacuum cleaners for residential and commercial cleaning. You can find commercial canister vacuum cleaners used for cleaning in hotels, offices, and other commercial spaces. These heavy-duty canister vacuum cleaners are well-equipped and powerful. Hence they can give promising results.



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