When it comes to selecting hair care products, determining the quality of the product is essential for your hair. Hair thinning or hair loss is a significant issue nowadays among people of any age group.

However, the demand for organic products for thinning hair has seen a significant rise in the last few years. One of the reasons may be because people are becoming more conscious of having healthy hair. Therefore, finding out the primary reason for hairfall and solution for better hair growth becomes necessary.

The Five Causes of Hair Thinning and What You Can Do About It

You might be confused about whether it is required to change chemical shampoos with organic hair care products for thinning hair. Here are five reasons that show the main reasons for hair thinning and what you can do to protect your hair from them.

1. Excessive Use of Sulfate

Surfactants (sulfates) in products with a concentration of more than 1% can increase the risk of hair loss by causing damage to the scalp and weakening hair follicles. Because it’s impossible to know precisely how much sulfate is in hair care products, the best strategy is to avoid them entirely and switch to clean, vegan, gluten-free products for thinning hair. Are you worried that the products won’t lather? Various good quality brands use natural emollients like coconut and jojoba oils to create a creamy, soft lather. So you can have healthy hair and the foam you love.

2. Deficiency of Vitamins

It is a known fact that what you eat directly reflects on the hair’s health. You might be familiar with some specific vitamins that are required for healthy hair & nails, such as vitamins A, D,E, and B. But do you know that vitamin K, which is seen in green vegetables and fermented food is also essential for hair to make them thicker and stronger? Hence, it is suggested to invest in a product that meets all of the above supplemental needs and contains Biotin, Keratin, and Hydrolyzed Collagen.

3. Physical Stress & Anxiety

Stress & anxiety are the major reasons for causing hair thinning or loss problems. Stress also creates negative consequences in the body that needs to be released. Hence, to avoid this, indulge yourself in some physical activity like running and exercise; it not only helps your body to get toned but keep your hair healthy too in a huge way. Physical activities stimulate blood flow to help in keeping your hair stronger, thicker, and healthier. Along with your activities, use a super hydrating shampoo and conditioner that is rich in nutrients and enhances hair growth by stimulating the follicles.

4. Hormonal Changes

Hormones that control menstruation, and the birth cycle, play an essential role in hair thinning. You may observe when the body goes through a hormonal process; it promotes hair loss around the hairline in such a case, it is especially important to receive the nutrients which are used in the products for thinning hair and hair loss to keep your hair healthy, lustrous, and thick during these times.

5. Aging or Genetics Problems

Sometimes hair loss can be a matter of aging or genetic problems. Using the correct products like Smooth super hydrating shampoo is the best way to combat or conceal thin or super- fine hair. These shampoos have low lather, which is helpful in keeping hair with natural moisture and oil. However, using a good quality natural shampoo is vital to control hair fall, but fine lustrous hair needs a good quality conditioner too, which is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and sodium-free.

Helpful Products for Effective Hair Growth

As previously stated, avoiding sulfates, paraben, pthalates, and sodium is the first step, but you can also repair and thicken your hair with products like super hydrating shampoo, which is infused with Keravis PE, a plant-based keratin protein that strengthens fragile hair from the inside out, adds elasticity to prevent breakage, and makes it feel and appear thicker!

Thus, the reasons shared above show how important it is to switch to vegan, gluten-free hair care products. If looking to shield yourself from long-term chemical damage, buy products for thinning hair today and enjoy beautiful locks. You will see a visible differences after just one wash. And the longer you use it, the better hair quality you’ll enjoy.


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