For families planning a vacation, booking a hotel isn’t the best option. Vacation homes provide you with everything you need in a home and more.

There are a lot of beautiful sites and locations to visit in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. You can plan a trip to the theme parks, museums, or the stunning Madeira Beach-Vacation rentals are miles ahead of other forms of paid accommodation such as hotels and motels.

Close to all your favorite places

One of the appeals of vacation rentals is that you can find one located close to all the exciting locations you would like to visit. If you plan to visit the beach with your family, you can get Clearwater Beach Florida Luxury Vacation Rentals. You also get to interact with the local community and build bonds. From there you can visit other important sites and attractions in the area.

You have all the things you need

You can get a luxury vacation home with all the amenities that will make you feel at home. The good thing is, most of them come for free. This includes free wifi services to always keep you connected, laundry, refrigerator, microwave, dishwashers, etc. It is common for families to feel uneasy in a new place. Top rental homes are equipped with security systems to add an extra layer of security to your home.

Rental homes are kid-friendly

Kids love to have fun, they are loud, energetic, and bundles of joy; and hotel rooms don’t come off as fun. Seminole Florida Vacation Rentals are kid-friendly and provide your family with many fun activities you can enjoy together. Many vacation rentals come with facilities that keep your kids busy and engaged. You can effortlessly find vacation apartments with bikes, board games, consoles, and books to keep adults and children entertained. Rental homes with lawns can also be utilized for other fun activities such as soccer, mini-golf, and throwing frisbees.


Vacation rentals afford you better privacy for your family. You and your spouse could stay in a room while your kids occupy the other room(s). For larger families, the apartment lets you all share places like the dining, games room, and more. Coupled with the fact that rentals are cheaper than hotels, you get a better experience.

You don’t have to share the pool with anyone else

Luxury rental homes provide you with so much exclusivity, you or your family might think twice before they leave. Unlike in hotels and other public pools, you don’t have to share the swimming pool with anyone else. This gives the perfect opportunity for you to plan family-only pool activities such as water polo. If the home has a grill, you can get some steak or some patties and have a family-exclusive pool party. You can only get this level of poolside fun and enjoyment at home.

Many rental vacation apartments are pet friendly

We can only imagine the pain of having to leave your beloved pet at home in the care of someone else. Your pet also feels the same way, not being able to see his/her favorite people in the world. Who says pets don’t love vacations? With pet-friendly rental homes, you can take this vital member of your family along with you. He or she gets to have as much fun as the rest of you.


A kitchen is one of the biggest flex rental apartments have over hotels, motels which rarely let you prepare meals. It is common for many vacationers to describe having a vacation rental apartment as a home away from home. Having your own equipped kitchen has so many advantages. The first one is that it saves cost.

You and your family can visit a local store and get all the ingredients you want and cook it just like you do at home. This is way more economical than eating out or having hotel food, especially in large numbers. Your kids and family get to eat what you prepare for them – this is crucial for children or individuals who have food allergies. Also, there is no food schedule like you would expect in a hotel. You can cook and eat just about whenever you want.


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