Table tennis is a popular game played across the world. This game involves two or four people competing against each other. Players have to strike the ball for winning points. The game jazz up when the opposing team receives a challenging spin and manages to earn points by striking back hard. You can perceive that this game is about focus, strategies, and hand movements; if you are up to know more about this game, read on.

You may have seen typical equipment setup at tournaments, but the actual setup is not so complex. You can play table tennis with just three main pieces of equipment: paddle, ball, and table tennis; however, you can move up to a more sophisticated game as your level increases. Want to know in-depth information on table tennis equipment? Learn them through the below-mentioned points.

    • Table tennis ball

The air-trapped table tennis ball has a diameter of 40 mm and 2.7 gm weight. Usually, these balls are made of celluloid-like material, and the color could be white or orange. When a table tennis ball strikes with a rubber paddle, it produces spin; more spin means more curve on the opponent’s court.

When you are out to shop for table tennis equipment, you can look for these standards in your table tennis equipment. How will you know whether the manufacturer meets the standard or not? To buy table tennis equipment, you can visit their online store, check the dimensions of products, and make sure they comply with international standards. If you are shopping offline, you can visit the store, check the table tennis ball based on their dimension, whether it produces spin or not, etc.

    • Paddle

Mostly, all paddles are made of 85% wood, some have carbon fiber, but they mandatorily have rubber on both sides; in a way, the wooden blade is sandwiched between rubbers. When the ball hits the rubber surface, it produces a bounce, so if your paddle has rubber only on one side, you have to hit from that side, not from the wooden side. The rubber side is colored black in such paddles, and the wooden side is colored red. Some paddles come with raised pieces of rubbers called pips. Longer pips allow more strength, and shorter ones add speed. Table tennis comes in various styles, forehand & backhand; you can pick the suitable one depending on your playing style.

A standard tennis table is a nine feet long rectangular table. Unless you are not playing for fun, any table can work, but if you are serious about this game, buy a nine feet long, five feet wide, and 30 inches height table. A tennis table can be made of any material which allows 9inches ball bounce. An outdoor tennis table is the same as an indoor table, but the outdoor table must withstand weather conditions like rain, wind, storms, etc. The matter with the outdoor tennis ball is the durability factor.

    • Retractable net

If you don’t have a tennis table, you can use a retractable net to convert any rectangular table of similar dimensions into a tennis table. One thing you need to make sure of is the quality of the net, standard size, and its anti-slip design. Sometimes the net can slide away from its position, which can lead to unfair matches. But the anti-slip design of outdoor portable table tennis nets maintains its stability and doesn’t interrupt the game. Its ergonomic handle and portability factor make it a must-have tennis table equipment.

    • Table tennis shirts

Although clothing doesn’t come under the ambit of equipment; if you want to follow the ethics of this game, try wearing sports T-shirts and shorts. Some professional players practice their sessions in typical clothes that tournament players wear; why so? Table tennis clothes are moisture-wicking; it allows them to play with full strength.


Hopefully, you can get some ideas from the above points about the table tennis equipment. There are three main equipment, paddle, ball, and table or net. The best idea is to buy a retractable net if you don’t have a tennis table, apart from that, all options are secondary, for instance, clothing, carry bag, etc. However, you can opt for such products at your convenience.


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