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Are you searching for a perfect valentine’s gift? Do you want to send a ‘Thank You’ note to your client? Are you looking for something delectable and cute for your kid’s birthday party? Are you still looking for a sweet gift to congratulate your friends or family on their promotions? No matter what the occasion is or your requirements, custom chocolate treats are an ideal gift.

The market for customized gifts has seen a massive hike in the past few years. It has every reason to enjoy this popularity. Customized gifts seem more personal, and the recipient feels special. Chocolates adds more flavor and sweetness to the customized gift.

Tips to Buy the Customized Chocolates

Don’t skip this buying guide, if you plan to add customized chocolates from the best Minnesota candy stores to your shopping cart.

  • Decide on the Packaging Style

One of the best things about custom chocolate treats is that, they come in various shapes in different sizes. You can choose your customized chocolate to be in the shape of award statues, nail polish and lipstick, bear, turtle, and unlimited options. Let’s look at some of the most common options offered by Minnesota candy stores.

  1. Chocolate Boxes or Hampers- If you plan to gift customized chocolates as a wedding, holiday, or birthday gift, chocolates boxes or hampers are an ideal choice. You don’t even need to spend on a gift bag or wrapping paper.
  2. Candy Bars- If you want to gift customized chocolates as a freebie in your fundraiser or trade show, candy bars are a great choice. You can engrave your company name and/or logo on it. Throw them in a tote bag to carry to the venue hall and give them away to your prospective clients.
  3. Individual Pieces- They are ideal customized chocolate options to keep in a jar on your reception desk. Moreover, you can also add them to a cute coffee mug or bowl in your family reunion or baby shower.

Before you make any of these choices, understand your requirement. You don’t want to bring chocolate bars to a venue, only to realize that they have melted in heat or order chocolate boxes or hamper, only to find out they are too big to be kept on the reception table.

custom chocolate treats

  • Mix-Up the Flavors-

The leading Minnesota candy stores offer a wide range of chocolate flavors. From truffles, cherry cordials, sea salt caramels, peanut butter, and fruits to chocolate-covered nuts, they offer you a wide range of delicious options. You can choose a particular flavor or mix and match the flavors. We recommend gifting a box of chocolates enriched with different flavors.

  • Where do you want the Message or Logo to be engraved?

So, you have picked the design and flavor of your custom chocolate treatsgood job! Now, you need to decide, where to add the text or logo. Let’s look at some of the choices:

  1. Wrapper: Although people throw away the wrapper, they are the first thing they notice. You can print ‘thank you,’ your company name and logo to cast a great first impression.
  2. Chocolate: You can print your message or logo on the chocolate thanks to edible ink and great engraving tools. It is very popular and a great way to customize your chocolates.
  3. Wrapper and Chocolate: Get the best of your deal by printing or engraving your choice on both the wrapper and chocolate.
  4. Box or Hamper: If you are getting a customized chocolate box or hamper, it’s a great idea to put your message on the box or hamper.
  • Look for Unique and Fun Options-

Remember, customized chocolates offer you unlimited options, so why to go with conventional designs. Ask the store about their design options and go with unique and fun styles. You can customize your chocolates in the shape of baker’s utensils, medical equipment, animals, and many more.

Reasons to Customize your Chocolate Gifts

As per research, 9 out of 10 people love chocolates, thus making them great gift options. They also have proven to boost the endorphin level of your body.

Customized chocolate gifts convey that you care and adore the person. Moreover, it has also proven to be a great marketing idea. No matter your requirement, they won’t disappoint you and the recipient.


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