We are soon approaching the end of another exciting and challenging year. The year 2021 will be remembered as the pandemic year when many things altered and the concept of the new normal was created. However, it is still possible to look forward with optimism, faith, and trust.


The last several months have been difficult, and everyone is looking forward to a more relaxing year in which they wish to forget about their problems and anxiety. Hence, it would be good to start the New Year positively by energizing the mind, body, and soul. Plan an excellent New Year’s Eve party and celebrate.

The New Year’s Eve celebration is a unique opportunity to express gratitude for everything you have done over the year. It’s also an excellent time to let go of old hurts and bad feelings and replace them with positive ideas to start the year off right.


It is the perfect time for a family get-together as the homecoming season is around the corner, along with Christmas. Indeed, we have gone through so much in these past years, but our little ones who don’t even know the world have also seen a lot. They have spent two years of their childhood in home cooperating with the new norms. However, it’s the perfect time to enjoy yourself with your family and invite your neighbors to your place. Are you thinking how? Don’t worry! Below we have mentioned some of the best ideas to make your party the talk of the town for next upcoming months:


1.     Kids theme-based event – 


Plan a surprise event for your little ones based on their favorite cartoon or movie, and buy our movie-inspired felt masks to ramp up the ambiance of your New Year party. We guarantee your kids will surely love and appreciate your efforts. Our brilliant quality hand-crafted felt masks are made of very comfortable material that does not irritate your skin and lasts very long. Children have always enjoyed dressing up in costumes and performing dramatic roleplaying games. Whether your child is a dragon, a princess, or a fairy, their brain continuously develops when they put on a costume!


2. Character costume party 


Who said costume parties are only for Halloween? Don’t follow the rules when the fun is in going off the track. Plan a party for your little ones to showcase their creativity by getting into fun costumes designed by us and investing in our brilliant TV-inspired felt masks to compliment the overall look. Masks are also an excellent way for youngsters to engage with characters from various stories. Handmade felt masks not only allow your kids to get into the character they love the most but also boost their confidence to speak in front of the audience. When kids grow up with confidence, their brain automatically turns sharper, which helps them in life and academics. From our online stores, you can also buy some of the great party favors to boost the excitement of your guests. Whatever the reason for gathering your friends and relatives to celebrate, party favors should be included in your plans. ‘Party favors’ is a broad word that consists of all party giveaways. 


These gifts could be used to express gratitude to your guests for coming to the party. They could also be given out as aids to add to the fun and excitement. One can utilize party favors in a variety of ways to complement celebrations. Little efforts are appreciated by kids and cherished the most. Our movie-inspired felt masks will amaze your child and turn them into their favorite cartoon character or a storyteller, giving you a lot of picture-perfect moments to capture and keep with you forever. 


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