Art collectors in Los Angeles

Accomplished domestic and international artists put their own spin on contemporary art through art exhibits in Los Angeles. LA’s contemporary art landscape includes the country’s most sought-after artists and art creators.

Contemporary art is diverse and eclectic. Art collectors in Los Angeles support the cultural evolution of this art style and are actively involved in the city’s art market.

Some of these art enthusiasts directly sponsor shows and exhibits and even fund galleries and studios. LA’s contemporary art scene is diverse and vast. This art style has a surreal, non-figurative feel and can stimulate the viewer’s thoughts.

Contemporary Art in LA

In the simplest context, contemporary art is “today’s art.” It usually refers to art made by current, living artists. However, “contemporary art” is an umbrella term and is too vast to define.

Technically, all abstract, figurative, sculptural, and combination art put out by artists can qualify as contemporary art. However, LA’s artists are taking their art to the next level by experimenting with new ideas, techniques, and materials.

Art exhibits in Los Angeles often feature art installations that transport the viewer’s imagination to new levels. Contemporary art speaks to the viewer, invites the viewer to think and imagine, and encourages the viewer to view the world and reality from the artist’s perspective.

However, contemporary art is not always complex and complicated. Reputed artists like Truman Marquez transform LA’s art scene by creating and showcasing exceptional paintings like “Covid Diva’ and “Surge.”

These paintings represent the struggles and hardships people face while the global pandemic prevails and the hope and determination to survive and thrive in the situation.

LA is home to some of America’s most famous art galleries and museums. Art collectors in Los Angeles seek out these exceptional contemporary artists through art galleries and other art landscapes.

How Contemporary Art is Different

Contemporary art is different from classic art. The most fundamental difference is that they represent different periods in time. While the power and impact of art can transcend space and time, some fundamental differences in the two styles are easily visible.

It is also vital to note that contemporary artists have better access to different materials and resources that were unavailable to classic artists. Artists like Truman Marquez primarily use oil and canvas to create art.

However, there is a critical increase in the number of digital artists in Los Angeles. Los Angeles artists like Pascal Campion are widely celebrated in the digital world.

Contemporary artists also experiment with more colors, tones, tints, and shade than classic artists who use limited options.

From projecting 3D effects onto their art to using real-world physical objects as part of installations, contemporary artists are changing the definition of art altogether.

There are no set patterns, rules, or styles in this style of art. Artists enjoy the complete freedom to explore their thoughts and ideas freestyle on their canvas, digital equipment, walls, or other surfaces.

The enhanced freedom is reflected in the quality of the final piece. These innovative artists don’t worry about “coloring within the lines” or even sticking to one technique throughout the creation of a piece.

In fact, artists like Truman Marquez even use post-modern elements like emojis in their latest, pandemic-representational artwork.

Artists worldwide are reinventing art to make it more personal. Whether your tastes and preferences center on deconstructed, abstract art or straightforward figurative art, you will have no trouble finding art styles you love in Los Angeles.

Finding the Best Contemporary Art 

More than anything else, contemporary art is a means of personal expression. Artists use whatever technique or material they deem appropriate to channel their thoughts and ideas.

The goal of contemporary art is to let the viewer decipher their own narrative. You may note that representational art can form part of the contemporary art space as well.

While contemporary artists like Pascal Campion create and put out heartwarming representational illustrations of daily life, artists like Truman Marquez create complex, thought-provoking canvas art that urges the viewer to think.

Witness Contemporary Art in Los Angeles

Whether you are an art collector in Los Angeles or a non-professional art enthusiast, you should witness LA’s contemporary art scene in person. Art exhibits in Los Angeles allow you to connect with your inner artist and explore greater ideas.


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