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Are you planning to purchase vintage diamond jewelry? These pieces come in better quality and unique cuts than modern diamonds. However, you have to be extra cautious to buy authentic and the best vintage diamonds.

Apart from the standard elements, you have to take more specifics into consideration. Then, you can get gorgeous vintage diamond drop earrings and other pure pieces. Read on to know what to look for while buying vintage diamond jewelry.


The risk of purchasing duplicate pieces or lower-quality diamonds is higher. Make sure to look for a trusted supplier. Check if the piece you wish to buy has the proper authentication certificates.

Such certificates guarantee the quality of vintage diamond jewelry. It makes a better investment. The value of the piece also gets higher with time if you have a certificate of authentication.


It is rare for diamonds to be completely colorless. The usual color scale of diamonds ranges from D that indicates colorless, to Z, a light-yellow shade. Generally, colorless diamonds are more valuable and pricier.

However, it is not the same for vintage diamonds. These typically come in slightly warmer shades. Since the mines available a few decades ago were different, the diamond colors may vary.

Most Victorian-era and older diamonds were mined before the discovery of the whiter ones. At that period, whiter diamonds came from the mines of Africa.

In most cases, the color of a vintage diamond is unnoticeable by your naked eye. You may need the assistance of a gemologist.


A fine-cut diamond enhances its clarity and color. It looks brighter and appears more prominent. To get the right style of vintage diamond jewelry, know the different cuts of the period.

Vintage stones were cut physically by skilled artisans. You can expect each jewelry piece to have a unique cut. Moreover, each has its distinct sparkle. Most vintage cuts create a dazzling effect of a prism that makes your jewelry enchanting.

diamond drop earrings

The cutting methods also evolved with time. The earliest pieces have table cuts and pointcuts. Soon, rose cuts and pear cuts emerged. The popular old mine cut diamonds appear more prominent. You can find vintage cuts in popular brands such as Oscar Heyman jewelry.

If you prefer Edwardian-style jewelry, you can go for the elegant rose cut. They resemble the soft and smooth curve of rose petals. However, most vintage diamonds do not emit the brilliant shine as modern ones. Nevertheless, they exude a unique, subtle glow that never fails to stand out.


A diamond weighs in carats. Each carat is around 200 milligrams. The carats of vintage diamonds greatly influence its price. You can know the exact carat value through the authentication certificate.

You can then choose the brilliant vintage diamond drop earrings and other pieces accordingly. Though the price may be higher with more carats, you may save more with vintage pieces. They do not have any manufacturing costs.

Moreover, such pieces can be worthy investments. The carat value of vintage diamonds is most likely to increase over time. The resell value will always be higher.


Another aspect to consider is the clarity of the diamonds. Since these precious stones come from deep mines, they may have external and internal blemishes. You can inquire with your supplier about the clarity grade of the piece. Ensure that there are no inclusions and blemishes while viewing it with your naked eye.

Some vintage pieces may not have the best clarity. However, it usually indicates that they require cleaning rather than signs of damages. If your trusted supplier confirms it, you can give the jewelry to a professional cleaner.

Reputable brands such Oscar Heyman jewelry offer vintage diamond pieces that go through professional cleaning if necessary. You can expect them to have good clarity.

Your Preferences

It all comes down to your preferences and tastes. Look for the pieces that appeal to your style. From diamond drop earrings to statement necklaces and bracelets, the choices are numerous.

You can also consider the styles of different periods. Art Deco pieces have refined geometrical shapes. Meanwhile, Victorian and Edwardian diamond jewelry is more intricate.

Vintage diamond pieces have their unique charm and excellent value. Make sure to consider the above factors to find authentic ones. Enhance your collection by trying the styles of different eras.


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