Sewer Cleaning Services

Nothing is worse than a plumbing emergency. Any issue may occur anytime, which can cause the necessity for hiring skilled plumbers. It’s not something that one can fix independently, as it needs proper skills and knowledge to solve the issue properly. Some people try to fix the problem on their own to save some money. But, they fail to understand that one mistake can make the situation more serious, which can even cost more in the long run.

Well, here are the top 5 signs that you need main sewer cleaning services in Chino Hills:

Body Fat

Fat deposits (or organic plugs) inevitably appear during the operation of the sewage system. As a rule, they occur when you wash the dishes. 

You need to wash plates, pans, pots, etc., several times a day. Grease adheres to the pipes. As a result, a fat plug appears. The permeability of the pipes becomes noticeably less. And a sewer blockage will inevitably occur. 

There is an effective way to combat fat deposits. There is a grease trap that shows what it can do if it is installed under the kitchen sink. A specific function is assigned to this device. It has to separate fat from wastewater.

This device has a very simple design. It is no coincidence that we emphasize this. The fact is that a grease trap can be bought in a store and made by hand. And even improvised means will be used for this.

Fat formations that are lighter than water will be found on the surface of the first compartment. As for the fat-free drains, they will pass through the upper gap of the second partition and then go down the drain.

Foul Odors

If you smell sewage, your sanitary line may be broken. Your sewer lines are supposed to be airtight, so if a putrid smell is wafting into your space, contact the main sewer repair in Chino Hills

Hair Plugs

Hair is a lot of hassle! Especially in those drains that come from bathrooms and shower rooms. In order to prevent plugs from the hair, it is necessary to organize a barrier that will not allow the hair to enter the sewer.

The hair catcher is a more modern plumbing fixture. This is a decorative element, the place of which is on the drain hole. It is secured with a chain with silicone stops.

The chain is lowered into the drain. As a result, not only hair but also other debris lingers on the restraints. They simply have no way to get further into the sewer system. Therefore, it is necessary to take out the chain at regular intervals and clean it.

Errors during installation

A constructive or technical blockage appears when violations were committed during the construction of the sewage system. However, some complications during operation are also possible.

Let’s list the possible reasons:

  • The diameter of the sewer pipes is insufficient;
  • The installation of the drainage system was made incorrectly;
  • Sewer pipes are broken or sagged;
  • The minimum pipe slope is not observed.

Overgrowth of Sewage Drains

Usually, this problem occurs in steel and cast iron pipes, which have been in operation for a long time. Roughness forms inside these pipes, which catch threads, hair, and other debris. They overgrow and form a cork. It also stores fat.

You can carry out preventive cleaning of the sewer system made of steel and cast iron. However, in such cases, other measures are more drastic. We are talking about the need to replace such pipes with metal-plastic ones.

If you do not carry out preventive washing, then the gap in the cast iron pipes will constantly narrow. The result will be less bandwidth. If you do not take the proper measures on time, then do not be surprised when the work of the sewer system completely stops. Then repairs will be needed.

The Pipe is Broken or Sagged

If you operate the sewer system correctly, but you are still worried about frequent blockages, then the reason may be pipe subsidence and breaks and cracks in them.

Did you notice a strange odor in your house, and you can’t quite place it? It may be mold. Contact main sewer cleaning services in Chino Hills for sewer line repair. Competent consultants will make a preliminary calculation of the service and answer all questions.


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