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There is no sustainable and viable business without the involvement of people and professionals. Great companies have a very high customer satisfaction quotient. They are with their clients until the job is completed and much beyond that. In a thriving commercial place like Ontario, known for world commerce activities, you undoubtedly need to have a very strong and robust public relations (PR) mechanism.

In Ontario, Canada, several Public Relations agencies work for the astounding success of companies and organizations. Public relations and digital marketing firms in Ontario use tools and activities such as media relations, influencer relations, event planning, content marketing, and other tactics to effectively and strategically build and maintain a positive public image for their clients.

More specifically, public relations specialists manage responsibilities such as publishing media releases to broadcast pertinent company information, crafting key messaging for speaking engagements, planning and executing public events, and even managing social media accounts. The benefits of engaging in PR services are that it increases brand awareness, builds a brand’s credibility, attracts new clientele, and can even translate to increased sales.

Today, virtual public relations services have become increasingly important with the upsurge of online communications. Virtual PR agencies operate in a similar manner offering services such as online media relations services, virtual event planning, social media management services and so much more. The benefits of virtual PR services are that they offer expanded business hours, direct delivery of your products/services, fast and reliable communication, maximized technology, exceptional talent and more.

In the Durham Region, public relations agencies such as DRPR are run by experienced professionals who offer exceptional public relations skills and knowledge to help business owners develop a powerful media presence for their brand. In addition, they help business owners learn the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to manage their own media responsibilities with confidence.

Are you thinking about engaging in virtual public relations services?

Here are some reasons for investing in a virtual public relations agency for your business:

  1. Expanded business hours – with work from home capabilities, virtual agencies can work across time zones and offer quick-turnover time for pressing projects.
  2. Direct delivery of your products/services – virtual PR agencies offer direct delivery of your products and services to customers through professional shipment agencies and the use of online mediums.
  3. Fast and reliable communication – virtual PR agencies use several different communication tools to engage with clients and keep your customers satisfied by answering their relevant queries in a timely manner.
  4. Maximized technology –virtual PR agencies can connect with you quickly and effectively through online communication systems such as E-mail, WhatsApp, and other social media networks.
  5. An exceptional talent – virtual PR specialists offer great organization, time-management, self-discipline, and technological skills with work-from-home capabilities and flexibility.

What can you expect from working with a Public Relations Agency in Durham, Ontario? 

The following services can be procured from public relations’ agencies in Durham, Ontario such as DRPR:

  • Management of Media relations

Do you want to share widespread information about your company and attract new customers? Through pitching major media news outlets, online editors, journalists, and other media personnel, PR specialists use media relations activities such as these to share your story, product, or service to the media and to shape your brand in a positive light. This allows you to increase credibility and awareness of your brand as well as to establish positive relationships with both your customers and key stakeholders.

  • Organizing Influencer Campaigns

Collaborating with influencers and managing key partnerships can have large benefits for your business. With the emergence of social media, influencers have provided the ability for businesses to get their products and services in the eyes of new potential, and relevant customers as well as spread widespread brand awareness. In addition, influencers deliver and showcase the authenticity of a product/service, helping customers to connect, relate, and be persuaded to make a purchase.

  • Developing a Media Kit

The manner in which you showcase your product or service to the media should be strategic and presented in a professional, authentic and effective manner.  Whether you’re looking to develop a media kit for your next media proposal or media event, you can count on DRPR.  Our media kit development includes:

  • A media release
  • Front to back design cover
  • Fact sheets
  • Company’s overview
  • Biography of board members and company

To learn more, reach out to DRPR, public relations agency in Durham today!


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