Clean water isn’t just for drinking. Human skin is also sensitive to dirt: for many, impurities irritate a feeling of dryness and tightness. If you swim in such water constantly, then caring cosmetics will not be 100% effective. The problem can be solved by installing a suitable water purifier.

There is a lot of talk about water purification. Yes, everyone understands that drinking dirty water is harmful to your health. But as soon as it comes to water in the bathroom, many begin to misunderstand – we do not drink water intended for washing? But in fact, everything is much more complicated – do you know what transmission capacity the skin has? Everything that gets on it smoothly seeps into our bodies. And chlorine, which is used to purify water in special facilities, is generally a disaster for health.

Probably, it’s time to think about water purification- therefore, we turn to the types of filters that make the water in the bathroom clean and safe.

Criteria for choosing a filter for water in the bathroom

Several main factors should be paid attention to in the first place:

Device performance:

It is measured in liters per hour and directly depends on your water consumption. Higher performance devices usually not only cost more but also take up more space.


Pay attention to the equipment. Many people install a filtration system in a special niche in the bathroom, behind a false panel, or under a bathtub. In all these situations, the size of the equipment should be kept small. In some cases, a corner is allocated for the system in a separate technical room. Here you can mount a volumetric multi-element system.


The price of water filters for the bathroom is a significant factor that greatly influences the choice. There are also inexpensive models in the line of household equipment and rather expensive systems that perform complex cleaning (for example, reverse osmosis systems).

If you buy a Shower Filter, be prepared to change the cartridges in it regularly. Otherwise, you cannot guarantee that the filter will work effectively. Therefore, it is essential to think about shower filter replacement cartridges on time.

Why do you need a bathroom water filter?

The water entering the house after preliminary treatment is not clean enough. The cause of pollution can be old worn-out water supply systems at the entrance and inside homes, excessive mineralization, etc. Tap water is purified with chlorine, contains fluorine, manganese, and iron salts, organic pollution.

This becomes a big problem for people with sensitive skin, allergy sufferers, and small children. Insufficient quality water also damages plumbing and household appliances. Contaminates equipment, leads to breakdowns, and shortens service life. Water filters can help purify and improve water quality. On the other hand, if you face a water purification issue, you should buy a crystal quest filter replacement cartridge.

Benefits of use:

  • Relieve the skin from dryness and itching, making it smooth;
  • Give softness to hair;
  • Cleanse the body of toxins;
  • Activate metabolism;
  • Eliminate the toxic effects of chlorine on the body;
  • Protect household appliances from damage;
  • Remove iron, salts, organic and mechanical impurities;
  • Improve taste;
  • No traces remain on the plumbing;
  • Pipes do not corrode.

Buying a shower water filter is a fascinating, functional, practical device. A shower filter replacement cartridge is best for those users who require more frequent water filter changes.

It is convenient to operate, effectively removes chlorine and other impurities. Moreover, the use of such cartridges is beneficial for health since the human body receives water from food and drinks and through external contact with the skin.

As a result of using the filter, the acid-base balance is normalized, and the hardness decreases. As a result, the hair will become softer, the skin will no longer flake off enormously, and the aging process will slow down.

Disclaimer– All the equipment are not tested by an independent lab for its abilities to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.



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