You must have seen ads and posts about hydrovac services all around. But you are not sure about what they are and how they are used? Let’s resolve all your queries.

What is hydrovac?

Hydrovac uses highly pressurized water to remove dirt, soil, clay, and other ground materials to dig trenches, expose underground pipelines and cables, clean culverts, and much more. It is a perfect substitution for conventional mechanical equipment that can cost more to operate and damage precious underground utilities. Since hydrovac uses water and vacuum suction, it is efficient, cost-effective, and safe to use, both for the people using it and the utilities underground.

There are several uses for hydrovac; a couple of examples are:

Trenching services in Lloydminster

There is often limited space to lay down pipelines or cable networks in places that are urbanizing fast. Fortunately, these lines can be laid underground. But before they can be installed, a trench has to be dug. Since not all areas are accessible by heavy machinery, it renders mechanical excavation useless. Hydrovac is the best choice for trenching services in Lloydminster. A hydrovac truck has two tanks connected with long hoses. One tank is filled with fresh water sprayed using a jet and directed by a wand, controlled manually by an expert operator. This highly pressurized water loosens the soil, even clay, and creates a slurry. This slurry is sucked by a hydrovac vacuum and sends the sludge and debris to the empty tank. Trenching services in Lloydminster can complete the work rapidly, efficiently, and without hazards.

Vacuum tanker services in Bonnyville

Hydrovac services can be used for much more than digging trenches and cleaning out culverts. One of the benefits it provides is vacuum tanker services in Bonnyville. If you ever need to mobilize a vast volume of fluids, it can prove to be a difficult task without assistance. Traditional methods will take too long. Fortunately, hydrovac trucks with their debris tanks can complete the process quickly. A high-pressure hydrovac vacuum can empty a standard pool in a couple of minutes and store the load in the tanker, which can be disposed of at a safe location.

This is not just used for fluids and water; vacuum tanker services in Bonnyville can be used for dry soil too!

So, next time you have a need for a vacuum tanker or trenching, make sure to hire Hydrovac services. You can get your work done quicker, more efficiently, and cheaper.


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